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Have you been looking to upgrade your business communication system? Do you want to get rid of your physical phone lines and want to make communication movable and accessible?

If so, you are on the right track! Contact us at onCloud and get the finest VoIP phone system and enhanced voice services. 

We have been providing high-quality IT support and infrastructure services since 2000. And over the years, we have expanded and developed our services to provide a VoIP phone system. 

We want to make communication easier and smoother for our clients that promote productivity and growth for their business venture. And that’s what we deliver! 

We have invested and believed in researching and developing new proprietary technology and tools for our clients. 

Hence with us at onCloud, rest assured to get the latest and high-quality VoIP phone system services. 

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How to Choose VoIP phone system?

When customers approach us to buy a VoIP phone system, most of the times, they don’t have an idea about how to choose this system for efficient communication. 

Although don’t worry! Because our professional and experienced team will help you choose the VoIP phone service plan that will suit your needs and fit your budget. 

When you are going for a VoIP phone system purchase, we always tell our potential clients to look for the following factors:

  • Choose a VoIP phone system that can provide you with mobile apps for remote communication. The onCloud VoIP phone system provides mobile application support for advanced communication. 
  • Always consider the overall cost and features of the VoIP phone system. The onCloud VoIP phone system has all the latest features at the best prices in the market. 
  • A VoIP phone system with third party integrations and unified services can only be found with us at onCloud. 

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What to Expect?

When you approach us at onCloud for a VoIP phone system purchase, you can expect to get fast services. 

Our team will understand your business communication needs and our budget. We will help you choose the right myVoice plan that suits your needs. 

We will provide a professional team for installing the new VoIP phone system at your office locations. The team will also answer all your questions regarding the system. 

onCloud will also be with you if you need any troubleshooting and expansion of the services. 

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Core Features .



Your voicemail can be delivered to a phone or to an email address. Listen to your voicemail messages with your phone or have it sent directly to your email as an audio file that can be played on any desktop or mobile device.

Auto Attendant


This feature helps your business look more professional. Incoming calls are answered automatically and callers are greeted with customizable menu options. Callers simply select the appropriate menu option and are automatically routed to the proper extension.

Online Management


Manage your phone usage, billing, features and individual extension settings online with our easy-to-use Web interface.

Over 50 Features


Our cutting-edge system provides a number of ingenious features including: conference calls, intercom, group paging, group ringtones, music on hold, screening for blacklisted callers, auto attendant, call recording, auto day/night mode, interactive voice response (IVR), calling queues, voicemail, call transfer, and many more.

myVoice Features At a Glance
  • IVR / Auto Attendant
  • Hunt Lists
  • Intercom/Paging
  • Voicemail to E-Mail
  • Voicemail Transcription
  • Company Wide Phonebooks
  • One-touch Transfer
  • Zero-touch Phone Setup
  • Presence Colored Keys
  • Find Me, Follow Me Roaming
  • Dial by Name Directory
  • Call Recording*
  • Encrypted Call Audio
  • E911 Support
  • 2-Way SMS Texting to E-Mail
  • Caller-ID Prefix by Number
  • Call Queues*
  • Time-of-Day Call Routing
  • Day/Night Button Call Routing
  • E-Fax to E-Mail
  • Large-Scale Conferencing
  • Call Parking
  • Call Routing by Caller-ID
  • Soft-Phone Support
  • Hot Desking
  • Agent Login/Logout
  • Remote Call Answer/Pickup
  • Operator Console
  • Caller-ID Blacklisting
  • Call Center Wallboards
  • Call History & Reporting
  • Admin & User Portals
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