Why The Cloud Is Better

Often we see businesses losing track or worse, failing to accomplish their goals because they are too focused on IT system issues. Unscheduled maintenance, improper management, helpdesk that are difficult to work with, etc. These are some of the issues that will affect an organization. Many IT providers assume that since your servers are running, their job is done. We believe that if you have the right technology and setup, it will give you a good advantage against other companies and help your business accomplish its goals. While we have experienced a couple of situations where official initiative is liable of getting their IT groups into a tough situation (whether by method for inadequate financing, poor administration, or else), this issue is for the most part an indication of a limited and receptive way to deal with innovation support.

I.T. Should Help Your Business Advance, Not Hinder It

This implies that your system’s got to be managed proactively, your users helped efficiently and technology advancements planned strategically. Many organizations are going to the cloud and we can help you get there. By definition, cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

To give more sense to it, cloud computing helps with operating expenses, mobility, scalability, security, reliability, and freedom from on-premise hardware.

Upgrades Are Inevitable

To stay in the game, it’s important that your resources are at par with other competitors. Having on-premise hardware (server, personal computers) and upgrading them is expensive, tedious and time consuming. Even if you have lots of personnel working, it’s still going to be a mess. Removing of the old personal computers, possibly rewiring some stuff, installing the new hardware etc. And those old equipment, in almost all cases, go to junk because they are either obsolete or just too slow for the current technology. With cloud systems, there’s less on-premise hardware. You’ll need a mouse, keyboard and monitor… no more towers or system units. And if ever you need to upgrade them or say make major changes to it’s setup, it can be done during your lunch break. Best part about it, your offices will not be bothered by transferring all the stuff and waiting for the old school IT moving hardware all over the office, taking away precious time of your business.

Everything Is Secured and Backed Up

As for reliability and security, cloud computing has redundancies to insure retention in case of major failure. Say there’s flood or fire in an office. With the one-premise setup, you’ll worry about losing expensive hardware, important files saved in them etc. With cloud setups, everything is secured and backed up.

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