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We provide all the services that you need for a productive contact center and happy service agents. We deliver customer engagement, business agility and help in maximizing your productivity. myVoiceCallCenter helps in connecting multiple offices and provide work for home environment to the employees.

myVoice Call Center

 Voice quality over VoIP

onCloud provides high quality VoIP telephone systems for businesses of all sizes that are accessible from everywhere in the world. We offer flat rate, unlimited usage, easy to understand pricing by extension along with the plug-and-play fast deployments making it easy for your business to obtain telephone service irrespective of how many offices or home offices you are holding.


Why Choose Us?

  • We offer high touch presence – we do not sell you a phone system and “disappear”
  • All ongoing system programming can be handled by us or commonly changed system settings can be controlled by a site admin.  Unlike some competitors, we DO NOT charge for routine systems changes, which could cost you as much as $600 just to program an extension changes.
  • Call detail reporting is also included.
  • Not only do well sell Asterisk based cloud phone systems, we are actual developers of the product.  Over the past years, we have written a significant amount of the code, contributing both to the source and ancillary products.  This is very unique, as it allows us to provide exemplary support.  If you have an issue, there is no fumbling on our part to find a solution.
  • There are no programming or setup costs for your phone system.
  • We are authorized dealers for all the hardware that we sell.  Because we are authorized vendors, we handle all warranty and out of warranty repairs and replacements.
  • Equipment is pre-programmed and delivered to you clearly labeled and ready to go.  All hardware is truly plug-and-play!  In many cases, we offer an equipment buyback program.  This means trading in old phones and the new phone system could mean no out of pocket expenses, and even an initial possible bill credit!
  • The phone hardware and system is extremely portable, it can be moved from desk-to-desk or building-to-building with no pre-planning or programming changes required.

Feature Rich Telephone Solution

onCloud’s telecom offerings are feature rich providing customers with everything they require for operating their business.  Some of the features include: speech recognition, conference calls for both internal and external, overhead paging, number blacklisting, call forwarding, “follow me” so unanswered calls will forward to a cell, pools, groups, escalations, voicemail to phone and email, call parking, “On-the-Go” use your Android, iPhone or computer to provide access to extensions without having a desk phone, lookup directory.
We also have additional premium options that can be added on to your system such as professionally recorded voice prompts and messages, advanced reporting modules, electronic faxing and more.

Find-Me Follow-Me

Follow me technology or also known as – office calls can follow the traveling employee Find-me follow-me is a feature that lets your cloud phone system route calls to your employees, whether they’re traveling, telecommuting, or temporarily working in another office. Callers can use one number and be confident they’ll reach their contact. Employees won’t have to give out mobile numbers, yet they’ll know their callers can reach them when they’re away from their desks.

myVoiceCallCenter Benefits:



Keep applications and data isolated from others. With the option to maintain voice path, recordings, and other sensitive customer data within your company’s own network.

Boost customer satisfaction

Customers will appreciate having different ways to get in touch with us and intelligent routing puts them through to the right person when they call – first time, every time.



Seamlessly manage voice, conference calling, video calls, voicemail to email, call forwarding and more to increase loyalty and delight customers each time they connect.

Maximum Flexibility:

Count on myVoiceCallCenter solution to rapidly scale up or down, meet seasonal and growth needs, customize applications, set pricing and terms – and deploy on a global basis.

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