Internet Telephony Services (voip)

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  Internet telephony services (voip)

What programming is included in the initial setup?

All of it.  Anything you need, we will perform for you.  Extensions, voicemail, queues, forward, etc.

If we make changes later, what is the charge?

Nothing, zip, zero.

Do you offer training?

Yes, we offer train-the-trainer sessions with your on-site administrator.

I want to print my local and toll free numbers to your service. Do you offer local number portability?

Yes, we can port almost any number into our service.

For more technical and detailed questions, we would be happy to discuss our offerings, pricing and how easy it is to get started.

Business faq’s  

Why are your prices so low? What’s the catch?

At onCloud, we practice what we preach!  We leverage the technology we sell, to keep our own overhead down and pass those savings on to our customers.  Unlike our competition, we have minimal brick and mortar locations to maintain.  We do not have the expense of fancy office space that has to be passed along to our customers.

By using our virtual desktop and mobile technology, our employees can work from virtually anywhere, providing them with a favorable work-life balance.  onCloud has very happy employees with little turnover.  This provides superior customer service for our clients along with pricing that our competition just can’t touch!



What does onCloud pride themselves on – what makes you different?


onCloud’s commitment to superior customer service is our top priority.  Without customers, we have no business.  We aren’t just providing you a service, we are your partner.  Your success is our success.

And we just don’t say that, we really mean it.  This is exemplified in our day to day actions.  Our customers can expect to receive timely and continuous communication from our team on every issue or inquiry.  In most cases we respond immediately, and if not, we provide you with a timeframe in which you can expect a response. 

How reachable are you? Will I get lost in a phone system trying to reach a live person?


Absolutely not!  Someone is always reachable.  We have designed our own phone system to be very easy to use, allowing our customers to be connected to a real, live person as quickly as possible.  We hate those pesky auto-attendants and long menu options as much as you do.

We have staff available during standard hours and we have an emergency option, so that an emergent issue can be rolled to our on-call staff immediately. 



What is the minimum contract duration?

1 year. We will also offer month-to-month service, but a setup fee will apply. Phone leasing is not an option under our month-to-month program.

Is there any additional hardware or software needed?

You always have the option to upgrade to a better phone, lease or purchase, past the free desktop or soft phone included. Nothing else is needed.

Is it reliable?

We have, and continue to, maintain greater than a 99.9% uptime. (You can quote some of our backend systems from the sales literature on the redundancy). On the customer side, Internet connection quality is very important. Voice over IP traffic requires very small amounts of bandwidth, but it does require an Internet circuit that has no loss of packets, no jitter, and is congestion free. We terminate calls across many carriers for redundancy. When a call is placed the best route is figured out automatically.


Call Forwarding

.How do I redirect calls from my selected number to a landline or mobile?


We have a customer-facing porting that allows “follow-me” type programming. The user can change how and where calls ring anytime. 

Is there an extra charge to forward calls to a mobile number?


No. All outbound calling is included to the US and Canada, including calls generated from the system itself.

Does your service work with VoIP numbers?


Yes. Calls can be forwarded to any phone number. 

Will be charged on my standard phone bill?

No. Our service replaces your telephone service and phone lines completely. Once service is established there is no need for regular phone lines any longer.

Are Inbound or Outbound Calls charged?

No. Inbound calls from, and outbound calls to, the US and Canada are included in the service.

How do I know who is calling my Cloud number?

Full caller ID is supported, and in many cases we also support CNAME (caller ID name).

Can I set calls to be redirected outside of office hours?

Yes. Calls can be forwarded, or redirected, based on time of day, and day of week. Additionally, we can change the way calls are routed based on user set day/night/temporary modes that can be activated from an extension.

Call Recording

How do I activate call recording?


Dial #9 during a call. This feature must be enabled on your account before it can be used.

What is the cost to record calls?


It is included in the service. 

What is the format of downloaded call recordings?

They can be accessed on the customer web portal, and are available for playback in WAV format.

Will my recordings/details be kept private?

Yes. We do not share your recordings, or voicemails with anyone.


My company has several locations all over the world, can the myVoice handle this?

Yes. In fact, myVoice excels in this regard. Our system is not bound by the transitional “brick and mortar” building. Extensions can be placed anywhere, at any quantity, Internet is available. The system responds and acts as one. We have extensions actively used on our system at the farthest point on the earth, used every day.

I have many employees on the go with mobile phones, can myVoice help?


Yes. We have several options. Follow-me feature allows for calls to route from desk phones, to cell phones automatically. We have soft-phone options that allow most smart-phones to act as desk phones when connected to WiFi or 4G LTE. Additionally, office users can directly transfer calls to cell phones seamlessly to the caller.

Can myVoice replace my fax machine?


Yes. We offer e-fax service allowing both incoming and outgoing faxing, digitally. Incoming faxes can be sent to an email of your choice. The email will arrive with the station information and a PDF document of the FAX attached. Outbound faxes can be sent by any extension user through the customer-facing web portal, from anywhere. A fax status report will be sent to their email address after the fax is submitted for processing. 

What options exist for presence? How do I know who is on or off the phone?

Most of our phone models support “BLF” which means “busy lamp field”. These phones have programmable lights that can change color based on the status of the extension it is monitoring. For example, green can mean no calls/ready where red can mean on the phone, and blinking red could mean the extension is ringing. Calls can be picked up remotely as well by pressing the blinking BLF key. These keys can also be used to “park” calls and control day/night modes of the phone system.

Can I transfer calls? What if I don’t know where to transfer to?

Yes. Calls can be transferred to any extension, even if not in the same building/location. Calls can also be transferred to mobile phones, or other landlines. We also have a parking/orbiting feature that allows calls to be transferred to special virtual parking lots. These special extensions can be dialed from anywhere to retrieve the call. This is useful when you don’t know where you are transferring the call at the time the call is placed on hold, or you need to move to a different phone first before resuming the call.  BLF keys can be used to track callers who are placed in the virtual parking lots.

Can I setup paging?

Yes. Phones connected in the same building/network can page each other. We also have the ability to configure advanced paging options for warehouses and large office spaces utilizing overhead speaker systems.

Can our gate or door speaker be connected to the phone system?

In many cases, yes. If the door speaker or gate speaker has the ability to connect to a regular phone line typically we can install a device to bridge the connection allowing it to work with our system. We also can suggest gate and door intercom options that directly connect (without the need for phone lines) to our system.

Is video calling supported?

Yes. Assuming compatible hardware exists on both sides of the phone call, and adequate Internet or network bandwidth is available video calling is fully supported. myVoice has several video phones available in its lineup.

Can I create conference calls?

Yes. We have a feature-rich conference calling system that allows admin / visitor participation with many configurable options. Additionally, some of our phones also support ad-hoc, reservation-less, multi-user conferencing directly on the phone itself.

Can I forward my voicemail to my email?

Yes. Voicemails can be accessed from desktop phones and/or can be forwarded as email attachments to you. These emails can be accessed from your smart-phone or other remote computer to hear voicemails remotely.

Do you support call queues?

Yes. Our system is not designed for call centers, however, we do offer call queues to handle multiple calls coming for a given department or person. The callers can “wait in line” for the next available caller. Optionally, they can hear hold time and position in line. The calls for these queues can be dispersed to as many extensions as needed.

What do my callers hear when they are on hold?

Our default setting is to play royalty-free, generic, music to them. Optionally, you can provide your own music on hold, or we can record music on hold professionally in both male and female voices in several languages.

Can our system answer with an auto-attendant, or interactive voice response system?

Yes. Most of our customers choose this option to allow the caller to specify where they need to be routed. Users can press any number of options to route to any number of locations.

What if my caller does not know an extension?

Your auto-attendant can offer an option for a company directory. Users can spell first or last names to find an employee in the company without knowing the extension.

Can voicemail be checked remotely?

Yes. If a user opts not to receive voicemail to email a user can dial-in to the auto-attendant and press a hidden option to access the voicemail system to check messages.

Can I dial into an extension without it ringing first?

Yes. If configured, an access code can be dialed before an extension to allow direct access to the extension’s speakerphone without it ringing first. This is called “intercom dialing”.

If another extension is ringing in my area/department can I pick it up remotely?

Yes. If you subscribe to the BLF of a ringing extension you can simply press the key to answer the phone. If not, you can dial the access code to answer phones in that “pickup group”. The call will then be redirected to your phone.

Can I have voicemail boxes for “special needs” that do not connect directly to an extension?


Can I have voicemail boxes for “special needs” that do not connect directly to an extension?

Yes. We can configure virtual mailboxes for generalized use. These mailboxes can forward responses via email or can be checked on-demand.

Can I have multiple devices on one extension?

Yes. One extension could have, for example, a desk phone in the office, a desk phone at home and a soft-phone on their Android or Apple device. This user could simply have one extensions that rings them all.


  Billing and Payments

What payment methods do you accept?


Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Bitcoin and upon credit approval company check. 

With credit/debit card billing, how often do I get billed?


Where do you send my billing statements?


They are emailed, in PDF format, to your email address on file. All of our billing is paperless. 

What happens if my payment fails and you do not receive my payment?

We will not disconnect service without multiple attempts in contacting you, both via email and telephone, to resolve the situation.

If I ever decide to upgrade my package, will I retain my phone number?

Yes. Your phone number(s) always stay with your service no matter any programming changes, handset upgrades, service location changes, etc.



Can I bring my number into the myVoice service from my current telephone provider?


Yes. In most cases onCloud can “port” your phone number from your current carrier into the myVoice service. We can port both regular phone numbers as well as fax numbers that can be used with our e-fax service. 

Can you “port” wireless numbers?


Yes. A wireless or cellular number can be ported for use with desk phones. It often happens when a small business starts with using a personal cell phone number to run a business but quickly out grows the functionality one person can use a cell phone for. The user can port the cell number into myVoice for true business unified communications and replace their personal cell number with a new number. 

How long does the “port” process take?


The porting process varies widely based on the speed in which paperwork is submitted, the accuracy of the paperwork and the carrier the phone number(s) are coming from. Generally, it takes anywhere from 7 to 30 days to complete a port. 

Can I use the myVoice service before my number is “ported”?


Yes. We can assign (free of charge) a temporary phone number to your myVoice account during the port process. You can forward your current phone number to this temporary phone number during the port process. Once the port is completed, we will remove the temporary phone number from your myVoice account. 


How many numbers are included with the myVoice service?


One. You can add as many as you need ala-carte. 

Do you offer toll-free telephone service?

Yes. You can add, or port, a toll-free number. This number can route the same, or differently, than your main phone number(s). You pay a flat per minute rate for calls received to the toll-free number each month.

Can I add multiple phone numbers to my account from different parts of the US or world?

Yes. We can add numbers to your account from most parts of the US, or the world. Calls can be routed to these numbers differently, or the same, as your main number(s).



If I want to move my phone from one location to another, can I?

Yes. The phones carry the programming with them. This means, the phone will hold its extension programming no matter where it’s placed, even if it’s in a different building or location.

I only have one Ethernet port at my desk for my existing computer, but my phone also requires one now. What do I do?

This is no problem. All of our phones have a built-in 2-port switch. The Ethernet cable from your wall plugs into the phone, then your computer plugs into the phone. The phone act’s as a “pass-through” to your desktop PC.

Do I have to program my phone?


No. The phones automatically configure themselves upon connection. Our phones know how to “phone home” to the cloud and download configuration information. They will automatically keep their software up-to-date as well as the programming contained on them. 

Can I set personal preferences on my phone?

Yes. All of our phones have preferences that can be configured, such as ring tones. These can be set to the personal preference of the user or company.

Can my phone be used to check weather, or access applications?

Most of our phones show the weather for your area. Our Android based phones support the Google play store allowing nearly any application to run on your phone. This allows the phone to be used not only as a desk phone, but also a desktop tablet.

On Android phones, can I sync contacts?

Yes. Our Android phones work just like a real Android tablet. You can access your Google or Exchange profiles to sync your contacts, calendar, email, etc. to the phone.

If the phones can work anywhere, can I take them with me when traveling?

Yes. Our Android phones work the best for this scenario. Our Android tablet phone folds flat, has Wi-Fi to connect to hotels and roaming hot-spots, and has a full web browser to allow you to sign-in to remote networks. Since they also offer Bluetooth you can walk around you’re your favorite headset while making calls. Assuming the remote network has no access restrictions you can make calls just like you did from the office.

What happens if I spill my soda on my leased phone, or crack the screen?

We will work with you to immediately secure a replacement. We will bill, on the next invoice, the replacement cost of the phone.

Can I change or upgrade my leased phone to a different model?

Yes. Once every 12 months you can change your model for any other model we offer. There is no charge for this.

What is my warranty on the phone?

For leased phones, the warranty is “forever” during the lease. This excludes physical damage, like water or cracked screens. For purchased phones, the warranty is as stated from the manufacture. Usually, 1 year.

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