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For last 15 years, myHelpDesk continues to offer everything a business needs for delivering exceptional support and continuity. We provide a full or part-time outsourced helpdesk service, application support center or service desk for your employees or customers. Our helpdesk ticket management solution comes up with complete features that you can expect out of a typical helpdesk. The biggest advantage that is offered by having your helpdesk on cloud is it allows us to reach out and help users regardless of their location, perfect for the mobile workforce. We can remotely connect to desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablet anywhere Internet is available. In our Enterprise offering, we can even send corporate policies along with software deployments and patches down to each respective device, regardless of location. Our Enterprise offering also adds strong security to your endpoint devices extending cloud-managed anti-malware and anti-virus services along with web filtering and reporting. Devices report back to the cloud for a unified view of your endpoints anywhere in the world.

We even provide you with end-user and customers with our full service, hand-on support and dedicated technicians without the high costs associated with providing in-house helpdesk services. Being 15 years in this service we are full confident and efficient enough as it is part of our core business.

myHelpDesk = Faster service+Happier customers 

myHelpDesk offers you with a resourceful and immediate support to your staff and customers. In order to be convenient and fast, most of our customer’s technical problems can be easily resolved with a remote session or over the phone. for 15 years being in the hosting and IT consultancy world, we have got our ball rolling with refined proprietary methodologies, our management systems and by creating a powerful solution for our customers.

Technologies currently supported includes: website navigation and troubleshooting, diagnostics, software & hardware installation and setup with a focus on providing dedicated support.


Help customers faster

Customers don’t have to wait to get their questions answered. myHelpDesk service solution manages cases easily and helps customers faster than ever.

Make better decisions

Our helpdesk solutions helps you in making smart business decisions.

Single Point of Contact

Another benefit of outsourcing your help desk is that you will have a single point of contact for all your technical support needs.

Reduced Cost

We being the outsourced helpdesk, benefits many organizations with reduced cost thus you no longer have to saddle with the costs. Unlike competing products with steep pricing tiers and hidden strings, myHelpdesk is price affordable.

How myHelpDesk Works

How it Works

myHelpDesk automatically converts email service requests to help-desk tickets, or users and admins can access our web-based ticketing portal so that you can easily track status of any issue, at any time. Our technicians can remotely get connected to your laptop, computer or smartphones to resolve issues immediately. our knowledgeable technicians are available to support your team when you need it and we guarantee you that no calls will go unanswered.

Our help-desk system integrates with our desktop management systems, knowledge base articles, license compliance and reporting systems and even the anti-virus/anti-malware systems. With our cloud model, and superior remote management capabilities, our technicians can resolve common issues much faster than traditional approaches. This translates to less downtime, less user frustration and better cost controls.

24x7 HelpDesk Service

Companies serving clients across the globe need IT HelpDesk throughout the year. Therefore, 24×7 help desk has become a necessity. Our out-sourced myHelpDesk service solution allows your organization to benefit from the most qualified and certified technical staff, without having to worry about recruiting, fulfilment and other related tasks. Our team of dedicated support engineers has the breadth and depth of technical skills and knowledge to handle technical issues using our secure remote support tools.

myHelpDesk services are provided during regular business hours. If you require round-the clock HelpDesk, we offer myHelpDesk365, which provides helpDesk services 24×7 – all day, every day! Whatever the size of your company you’ll receive enterprise-level service and support from our 24×7 IT helpDesk.

24/7 HelpDesk Service

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