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onCloud: The Leader in custom cloud solutions

onCloud, a wholly owned subsidiary of CyberWEB Enterprises, LLC, is a leading service provider in the cloud computing space, specializing in the custom development, deployment, and management of enterprise scale cloud solutions across the technical spectrum. Since its inception in 2000, onCloud has serviced hundreds of clients, developing vast experience  in enterprise solutions including cloud computing, hosting, voice-Internet telecom, application services, and virtualization. onCloud has developed a unique competitive edge that will help any organization leverage its maximum potential from the cloud, regardless of end-user community size or mix.

Third party network operations and facilities management partner

onCloud maintains a close partnership with its data center management team and network operations center. The 24/7 NOC is manned by a staff of twenty trained and certified technicians which closely communicate with onCloud’s technical team as necessary. As part of its contract, data center management provides additional technicians and engineering support on an as needed basis to augment and backfill onCloud staff during peak demand periods, or large scale maintenance operations.

Third Party Network Operations

Personal, Unique, Scalable and Competitative

onCloud is a trusted advisor, committed to ensuring the long-term success of our customers’ business applications and technology strategies. We believe in a high touch, high tech approach, closely analyzing your true business needs and tailoring a specific technology solution for your business’ requirements. Our unique portfolio of solutions spans your complete application and infrastructure management requirements—from Virtual Desktops and Phones, through Dedicated Hosting. onCloud’s offerings are scalable, allowing your business to fill short-term needs with long-term solutions. Your business drives your requirements, starting with what you need, adding on as your business grows. And onCloud’s early entry into cloud space and 16-year investment in its data center and server farm means that you benefit from pricing that is the most competitive in the market.

Power Facility

Our Facilities

2750 square foot dedicated corporate office space

Satellite office in the Philippines for help desk support


Secured server farm with a fully redundant, EOTWAWKI, data center; professionally staffed 24×7

Cloud Enables Enterprise Services

Running applications smoothly is what matters the most for enterprises. How well these applications run depends on the underlying infrastructure. Today’s IT infrastructure must stretch beyond geographical boundaries to support a global network of customers, employees, and business partners. At the same time, it must provide 100% uptime, the flexibility to expand quickly to accommodate demand spikes, efficient resource utilization, quick resolution to performance issues, and risk mitigation. So, how do you obtain infrastructure that works without adding to costs?

Plan for peak? Not any more

Typically, businesses plan for peak capacity when building their IT infrastructure. However, in a dynamic, ever-changing business environment, it is difficult to predict capacity needs accurately, resulting in data centers that are built to handle projected peak demand, but are underutilized, with servers often running well below capacity. Companies ultimately incur unnecessary costs for these idling servers, as well as other resources, such as power, physical space, and cooling. Enterprises need to rethink the way they buy, consume, and manage their IT infrastructure.

Move beyond the “big box” approach

Instead of buying servers with pre-configured resources and capacity, a better way to achieve efficiencies is to buy slices of computing resources – such as memory, processor, storage, and network – based on business needs. Obtaining the infrastructure as a utility based service reduces capital and operating costs; businesses don’t have to build out and manage their own data centers, and they don’t have to pay for under-utilized resources.

myEnterprise: Enterprise Class

myEnterprise is onCloud’s enterprise class cloud-based hosting platform that provides a secure, virtualized environment to deliver IT infrastructure, known as IaaS (“Infrastructure as a Service”) – including servers, storage, memory, and network capacity (bandwidth) – as a service. Resources can be provisioned in near real-time to match fluctuating needs, while billing is based on resource consumption. onCloud provisions infrastructure services abstracted from underlying virtualized resource pools. These services are on-demand, scalable, usage-billed and fully-managed.

onCloud Performs

Next-Generation, Enterprise-Grade Cloud

onCloud combines the economies of scale of a public cloud with scalability and flexibility of a private cloud to meet enterprise requirements for security, availability, flexibility, and performance. onCloud is a robust cloud complex with enterprise class components including Citrix XenServer servers, DELL PowerVault SAN and NAS arrays and multiple redundant firewalls, network switches and intruder detection systems. Multiple data centers, in Atlanta, and permanently connected to Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS data-centers, linked with very high- speed dedicated connections to form an industrial-grade fabric that ensures geographically disparate, built-in scalability and business continuity.

Fully Managed Service Configuration

onCloud’s premium support team can deliver the same high levels of managed services within the onCloud environment that we deliver to the dedicated hosting environments. These services make the infrastructure cloud reliable and effective, mitigate risks of cloud computing, and enhance the return on the technology investment.

Strong Application Focus

onCloud is designed to meet the performance and availability requirements of mission-critical applications. Enterprises can customize and optimize infrastructure for their applications and scale automatically to support seasonal or permanent user demand increases. A rapid application on- boarding process is followed by full application lifecycle management services, upgrades, and patch management.

Service Guarantees

Every infrastructure service delivered through onCloud is supported by guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs). These SLAs are based on application performance on the infrastructure cloud. No other cloud service provider guarantees this.

Customized Solution Based on Need

onCloud-enabled services are not “one size fits all”, but are customized through working closely with customers and understanding their requirements. This high level of customization makes onCloud offerings robust, unique, and best solution for all enterprise IT needs.

Option to Combine Virtual and Physical Infrastructure Services

onCloud allows customers to combine virtual and existing physical infrastructure environments – creating a high-performance hybrid IT environment leveraging the best of both worlds and allows organizations to augment their internal, existing, capabilities with cloud services

Full Resource Transparency and Control

A web-based management console provides real-time monitoring and management of your cloud systems. Customers can access billing details, see current service levels, open and review support tickets and review dedicated server information anytime.

“New Relic” Reporting

  • 24x7 Server Monitoring: CPU, memory, network activity, and processes
  • 24x7 App Monitoring
  • Performance Troubleshooting
  • Database Performance
  • Data retention: 7 Days

Reports and details can be provided by our helpdesk to you, upon request.

Why Outsource?

In today’s changing IT climate, it is becoming increasingly common to outsource IT services, including helpdesk, or technical support, to allow you to focus on your core business.  Outsourcing isn’t just about cutting costs, it is also about value addition, it is about getting things faster , better and of course cheaper.

Financial benefits

By eliminating the overhead of several helpdesk employees, including benefits and the additional overtime or premium revenues to cover 24/7 coverage, outsourcing allows you to put those dollars to work in other areas.



onCloud helpdesk services allow you to leverage your technology, workflow processes and increase the customer’s satisfaction level.


Consistency and Reliability

Our trained professionals will offer consistency and reliable environment that will help you in getting back in your day-to-day activities without any delay and avoid lengthy downtime in case of any issue.

Advanced Ticketing Software

Our team makes use of advanced ticketing software to track and manage all technical support requests with a knowledgeable base and ensures your team receives consistent support advice in a timely manner. Incase if issue arises for a second time then our shared knowledge base and helpdesk professionals can immediately solve the problem, thus saving everyone’s time and money!

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