Windows Desktops over the Cloud; Reliable, Scalable and Cost Effective

Once you experience Windows Virtual Desktops over the Cloud, you will wonder how you ever lived with traditional fixedposition computer systems. Desktops over the Cloud provides world-wide mobility, advanced enterprise-level features and reliability contrary to that of a traditional PC, without the high cost and expensive maintenance they carry. In addition, virtual desktops offer the ability to easily integrate diverse physical locations, gracefully scale with organizational growth, and provide customized solutions to fit complex needs. Virtualized desktops provides greater reliability, amazing mobility and enhanced productivity at far lower cost than traditional fixed computer systems.

onCloud Knows Desktop over the Cloud

Since its inception, onCloud has been a pioneer in VDI and Desktops over the Cloud. From managing many virtual desktop infrastructures in the cloud, our voice has been heard over the Cloud for almost 20 years. We can reduce your cost, reduce your infrastructure complexity, reduce your management and down time, and provide scalable solutions that allow you to focus on your core business. We can effectively, and cost consciously, do it for you, because it is our core business

Get your virtual desktop connected from anywhere with any device:

Connect to your virtual desktop from any device in the world. Regardless of where you are or what you are using you can always access your hosted virtual desktop. We make connections with all the phones, windows devices and Linux computers. Optionally, customers can provide any SIP-compatible phone, as well.

Benefits of VDI

Desktops can be set up in minutes, not hours

IT costs are reduced due to a fewer tech support issues


Data security is increased

Compatibility issues, especially with single-user software, are lessened

Client PCs are more energy efficient and longer lasting than traditional desktop computers

Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS): Desktops Delivered from the Cloud

The feasibility of desktop-as-a-service (DaaS)—hosting a user’s workspace in the cloud and projecting it to multiple panes of glass—is quickly capturing the attention of businesses seeking an alternative delivery model to hosting and managing desktops in house. Data as a Service provides data quality, data enrichment, and mobile services using accurate, verified data so you can confidently connect with your customers.



Save Time - Manage Master Images, 100:1 Efficiency


Dramatically Reduce Time to Spin Up New Desktops


Solve BYOD and Mobility Challenges with 1 Solution

Keep Employees Happy - Low Latency Performance


Stop Fearing Employee Transitions, IP Theft

Never Run Out of Storage, CPU - Scale On-Demand


Protect Assets from Employee-Sourced Vulnerabilities

Easily Control Employee Applications Installs

Desktop Virtualization Vs endpoint computers

The era of traditional endpoint computers is fading. Endpoint, traditional computers are difficult to manage, troubleshooting requires time to verify drivers and patch levels and admins have to perform even the most routine software updates on EVERY PC.  This is very costly for organizations to maintain.

Desktop virtualization or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is the solution.  VDI’s are based on a thin or zero client.  In essence, a user has a monitor, keyboard and mouse connected to the Internet, which connects to their desktop in the cloud.

Desktop Virtualization

Implementation of VDI’s:

It offers organizations a wealth of benefits.  At the hardware level, desktop virtualization saves money by easing endpoint hardware requirements.  Thin and zero clients do not need the same disk, memory or processing capacity as thick-client PCs.  Lower hardware requirements mean lower energy usage, which translates into power conservation, a greener environment and a quieter office.

When traditional PCs fail, repairs take time and expertise.  Replacing a PC requires the technician to reinstall applications, reset preferences and recover data (if possible).  This repair is occurring all while the end user cannot work.  In a virtual desktop environment, these issues are eliminated.  The user’s desktop resides in the cloud.  The cloud is a highly, redundant enterprise grade environment.

Thin client and zero client equipment rarely fails due to significantly less moving parts, however if it does fail, an administrator can swap out the faulty thin or zero client in a matter of minutes and the user can continue to work immediately, picking up exactly where they left off, as their desktop remained “running” in the cloud.

Another benefit of virtual desktop software is superior administration.  VDI management happens almost entirely at the server level.  When a new desktop is needed, an administrator can provision a pre-established virtual image and deploy a desktop with minimal time and effort.  Also, the admin can allocate additional server resources to VDI’s that require more processing power or scale them back for non-essential users.  Deployment of new software, patches and upgrades for all virtual desktops can happen at the server level rather than on each individual PC.

myDesktop Brings You


Offering a High-quality desktop experience, maximum up-time, full featured enterprise solutions and available on nearly any type of device.

myDesktop, by onCloud, provides you with a wide range of virtual desktop options, including:

  • No PC Slow/old PCs OK! Capital hardware spend cut by 90%.
  • Availability on nearly every type of end-user device and operating
  • Accessible anywhere in the world that the Internet is
  • Session mobility allowing you to stop and start your work from any
  • Ability to deploy and manage applications on a company-wide
  • 15 minute rebuild to get slow or compromised desktops running
  • Fully helpdesk Remote control & software deployment covered.
  • Future-proof. Always the latest operating system and

Our virtual desktop service is nearly turn-key. We provide the client software, desktop operating system, pre-install any required applications, thin-clients (optional) and remote management software. There is nothing up-front to purchase.

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