Why A Virtual Desktop?

What’s the bid deal with virtual desktops?

Virtual Desktops, commonly known as “Cloud Desktops,” are the next big advancement coming the computer system scene. We’ve been in business for almost 20 years, and we are positive this technology will be a tremendous “game changer” we have ever seen.

Let’s start with the core. A Virtual Desktop is in fact a totally working computer (operating system, software, file storage, anti-virus, etc.) in the cloud. When you shift to a cloud desktop infrastructure, the “guts and brains” of your workstation transfer from a physical PC to a virtual hosted environment. Your workstation will now be just a keyboard, mouse, monitor and internet connection and no more system units.

It might take a couple of minutes to wrap your head around how this functions, however I trust a comprehension of the HOW is far less essential than a comprehension of the WHY. When we comprehend this, we can perceive how virtual desktops will truly change our everyday innovation EXPERIENCE.

How about we begin with equipment cost. You may have seen that on the off chance that we move to an example that requires my nearby PC to be simply a keyboard, mouse, screen and internet, then we require significantly less PC than we did before. Actually, we have gadgets, the size of a deck of cards, that absolutely expel the requirement for a PC at a work area by any stretch of the imagination. Our own particular experience demonstrates that we lessen our continuous PC equipment cost by as much as 90%!! The amount you save almost pays for itself.

Rest assured that the overall experience is very similar to having a physical PC unit. Our existing virtual desktop users really can’t tell the difference between virtual desktops and their old systems. While cost investment funds is speaking to pretty much anyone, what we as a whole truly need is awesome backing and an extraordinary client experience. We don’t need the unavoidable stoppage that about each new PC succumbs to. We would prefer not to sit tight and wait for a PC technician to touch base nearby to analyze and treat an issue. We would prefer not to hold up the hours or sometimes even days to get a PC fixed after a disastrous breakdown (e.g. virus infestation, hard drive failure, etc.).

Moving to the onCloud myDesktop cloud really is a “no-brainer”. It’s a win in every key area including cost reduction, complexity reduction, improved user experience and freedom to be mobile! Inquire now to see what onCloud can do for you!

Virtual Desktops

Because Virtual Desktops are cloud based our experts can remote control, do maintenance, and yes, even rebuild them from scratch, in a matter of minutes. The biggest change cloud desktops will bring is an incredible increase in reliability and support response-time.

How about we take the case of the most widely recognized complaint ever: “My computer is slow.” With traditional computers, performance can be improved by two approaches: ram upgrades and computer rebuilds. Much time is spent ordering parts, shipping them, loading apps, etc. with these approaches. It will take days sometimes weeks to accomplish such change. Not to mention the cost.

If we will do the same ram and specs upgrade with Cloud Desktop computers, it will not even take a day to complete the whole process. Would you believe we can accomplish such upgrades during your lunch break? Downtime is very minimal with Cloud Desktops.


New-found mobility also plays a new part in cloud desktops. Previously, with traditional desktops, your PC, files, servers, applications and the overall “experience” were fixed to your desk. Sure, remote control options exist to get to your PC but it’s just “not the same” with added lag and increased connection complexities. Our cloud desktops offer the same “in office” experience, from anywhere the Internet can be found. In fact, you could even leave the same workspace open before leaving the office and when you get to your next location, such as home office, or airport, resume exactly where you left off without having to “re-log in”, “re-open your favorite spreadsheet” or “open that email you were in the middle of typing”. Mobility also extends to different types of devices. Our Windows desktops even work on tablets, iPads, MacBook’s, and other older Windows versions.

Moving to the onCloud myDesktop cloud really is a “no-brainer”. It’s a win in every key area including cost reduction, complexity reduction, improved user experience and freedom to be mobile! Inquire now to see what onCloud can do for you!

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